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Thursday, August 3, 2017

POEM: Praise (by Darrell Herbert)


Praise was hard for me to take
And I didn't know how to handle it
I didn't know what falling in love was because I never experienced it
I didn't feel worthy because I was rejected
I've envied people who are blissfully happy

Just know I paint my sin
With several vitamins
Eleven sentiments
Coupled with Vicodins 
Percocet, mixed with insecurities and Zamicet

I'm not to be understood
For the great or good, I am no good
Pain's un pleasurable
Insecurities unbearable
Hysteria, so hysterical
Miracle worker quitting on a miracle
Heaven is not somewhere I'll go
It's who we are
Of not knowing the soul
Hell if I know

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