Thursday, October 15, 2015

Interview with Ratchet (Straight out The West Side of Charlotte, NC)

Ratchet "Back 2 School"

South East Hip Hop Magazine sits and talks with rising female emcee, one of the bests out of the West Side of Charlotte, NC AKA The Queen City, miss Ratchet!  

In this in-depth one on one interview, she talks about her music, her inspiration, her songs, her latest single for the children "Back 2 School" and more!  Sit back and get a glimpse into the amazing mind of this gifted songwriter and lyricist.   

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What's up Ratchet?
Ratchet:  Working hard pushing this dream that's all.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Why do you call yourself Ratchet?
Ratchet:  The name Ratchet was given to me by friends in middle school way before Bad Azz made it popular because I was always acting up clowning in class ready to fight.  Being a misunderstood teen and of course I lived in the hood.  S**t really the whole Westside was Ratchet my black ass just earned the name directly (laughs)......(shakes head no)!! I've changed man (laughs)!!!

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?
Ratchet:  As an artist I would say my style is similar to those of Twista with my speed, T.I. with my swag on the track and have recently been compared to an early Foxy Brown with you kick ass rhymes.  Music is my passion and I try to display my hunger and versatility in every single I deliver.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What motivates you and inspires you to rap?
Ratchet:  I'm motivated by my family,  my children especially. My 6 year who is featured on the "Back 2 School" track is my biggest fan and dreams about bright lights and fancy cars just like I do!!  All of my loyal fans and friends also help keep the Queen pushing forward no matter what comes along. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How long have you been rapping?
Ratchet:  I've been writing raps since about 13 years old.  I started out as a singer in church talent shows etc.  the rapping wasn't a big thing until I hit 18 then it developed into something I wanted to build on and realized I actually had a gift with the pen!  I use to make songs off everything (laughs), and still might get caught being silly making some kind of song out the blue!

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who are some of the artists that inspired you to want to rap?
Ratchet:  I've always loved the gutta rap, artists like LaChat, Mia X...I can take you back to MC Lyte.  I've listened to a lot of different female mcs coming up it kept me creative.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who are some of the artists that you listen to right now?
Ratchet:  Rap done got crazy.  I don't really have anyone I listen to that's current shit I'm still bumping old cuts like T.I. Im Serious, Soulja Slim those original turn up classics.  I love the OLD RAP GAME!!

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How do you feel about female hip hop artists in the game right now?
Ratchet:  There are none!!!! So I'm anxious to let the world hear my gift. All of my female MC idols are chillin now waiting on me!!! (laughs)

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who are some of the people you've worked with?
Ratchet:  I've done tracks with seasoned mcs like "Show" from the old Nuworld before the hating started.  I've worked with G Shep a heavy-hitting producer out of Charlotte.  I've done work with Tiny T just to name a female I've worked with not many are ready for the ring and still ain't!!!! (laughs).

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who would you like to work with in the future?
Ratchet: I think me and S. Dub would murda some s**t, I listen to Jayway a lil bit.  Me and him would definitely tear shit up!!!  I don't know man its very few can get in my head......artists ain't lyrical no more.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Speaking of the future, what plans do you have for the rest of 2015?
Ratchet:  For the rest of 2015 I'm working on the Takeover!!! In all honesty n***as doing music s**t but they for self watch how I flip this s**t on em!!!!!!  2016 is approaching fast, I've had my fans and supporters waiting long enough this next project is going shift a few Lacefronts!!!

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?
Ratchet:  Shout to Wade the Producer look him up he's dope to work with!  Also shout to my homie G-Shep he know Ratchet style like the back of his hand and I get the chance I'm a thank that man...... Shout to Hottbreed my sisters my lil sis Remedy killing with the R&B!!! Shout to the whole Westside I do this for the yall man on errthang'!!!! #704 CHARLOTTE WE ON THE RISE.

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