Saturday, October 10, 2015

Quote That: Aliscia Melton / SunShine BlackRose (A Piece from her Book)

"Quote That" is a new reoccurring segment in South East Hip Hop Magazine similar to Hip Hop Quotable from The Source Magazine.  We feature a verse from an artist to showcase the artist as a lyricist as well.  This week we feature the poet Aliscia Melton by highlight a poem / verse from her book "Sunshine BlackRose from Origination to Maturation A Transformation in Poetic Form" available on Amazon here at this direct link BlackRose&qid=1444326992&ref_=sr_1_2&sr=8-2

Started from the gutta now I’m here
Flowing these fresh lines making you grin from ear to ear
Giving ya mind wet dreams wit my ink
Got ya going in circles trying to think
Started from the gutta now I’m here
Taking you to the school of Sunshine BlackRose
Better than any 4 year college, this fact no one can appose
Demanding me to climb higher, excel to the next level
My word verbiage is so deadly, burial time… you need to get that shovel
See I started from the gutta now I’m here
Worked hard to step up my game
Now this Queen, Sunshine BlackRose is ready for fame

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