Friday, February 26, 2016

Interview with Queen Peezy (talks about her music, past and being an Openly Homosexual female Rap Artist)

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine recently spoke to Queen Peezy about her music, her past, influences, artists she would like to work with and getting her to talk about her experience as an openly homosexual female rap artist.  Read all about what she has to say in this in-depth, one on one interview with Queen Peezy and Southeast Hip Hop!

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How are you doing Queen Peezy?
Queen Peezy:  Hi im doing good, maintaining, grinding working on my first mixtape "Queen Pin " the introduction planing to drop early March.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Why do you call yourself Queen Peezy?
Queen Peezy:  I call my self "Queen Peezy" because my father always called me QUEEN growing up and I never thought nothing less of my self.  Peanut is my nickname from birth, but PEEZY came from the gang/family "Porchlife" AKAthe "Turnt Up Porch On The MURDA" (Enfield St) Bros said they couldn't call me Peanut so peanut turned into Peezy meaning cool, laid back, stay FLEE, love to turn up, little and still get it poppin & snatch all the "Breezies" (laughs) as they say "Peezie Make Look Easy" so I put both of them together Queen Peezy. My Ego (laughs).

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?
Queen Peezy:  Different, fun, flashy, real and confident and I don't care what people saying I keep doing me and fans still love it.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What are some of the things you rap about as an artist?
Queen Peezy:  Some things that I rap about as an artist are real life, turning up, family, the streets, pain, sex, love and money.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What makes you stand out and different from all the other artists in the game right now?
Queen Peezy:  Me being "gay" already is different.  My style as of dressing, dancing my swag...those on tracks.  I also bring a certain type of energy coming from some of my fans now .

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How has your experience been as an artist being an openly gay female rapper?
Queen Peezy:  I wake up every morning.  My family alive, I'm blessed and I thank god everyday.  I'm no different from any other REGULAR rapper.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Right now you are an independent / underground rapper, do you believe that hip hop is ready for a mainstream rapper that's openly homosexual? 
Queen Peezy:  Why wouldn't they be its already out there most just not openly.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  I believe it may be harder for a male rapper that's openly gay to become successful than it would be for a female who is a lesbian to gain success in hip hop on a larger scale, do you agree or disagree with that, and if so why is that in your own words?
Queen Peezy:  Look at Empire ..ok I know you are familiar with Jamal is right?  He is gay.  It took him a min to come out but he became successful.  People like his music, people should not care about nobody sexuality if the artist is speaking truth why criticize?

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Getting back to your music, who are some of the people you've worked with?
Queen Peezy:  I've worked with mostly all local artists like Ace Streets, Dour, Ziggy The Grate, Nuski, Ray Traplife, Kompton, Rell.  I'm also working on a track with Bill Blacks and another track with Young V.  I've dealt with some producers like Malik Mulis Aka Lord Nobal, Ty Nitty Gwop , Beanz and Blazed Up Records.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Who would you like to work with in the future?
Queen Peezy:  Anybody from the hood long as they ain't no fuck niggas & they wavey.  Or if we got good history.  Industry artists like 50 Cent , Cassiday, The Lox, Mob Deep, Nas, Free Max B. if he was still out ill be on it (laughs). Kendrick Lamar, Eryka Badu, Mary J., Chris French & Dej.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How did you hook up with Abiss and sign under Blazed Up Records?
Queen Peezy:  I've know Abiss since middle school.  She was a "Staff" for and after school program called Comapas.  She was always real cool and was like one of my mentors she made sure I was on track and if i needed something if she could she would help, but we linked up recently through facebook.  I was looking for more studios & we have been working with each other every since.  She cool peope & she mean business.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What are your plans for the rest of this year?
Queen Peezy:  Just to keep aiming for my goals making music and keep living life.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Queen Peezy:  Being on top in underground rap and if I do make it to the industry god bless me!

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention?
Queen Peezy:  Thank you to all my supporters, family, fans, and haters.  I love ya'll I'mma keep working.  S/O MurdaGang, Homicide Hartford,  Blazed Up Records , M1 Queen Pin.

Check out Queen Peezy's Music at this direct link

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