Monday, September 8, 2014

Just Another Day: Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Just Another Day...."Team Work Makes The Dream Work"

by Renee Batson (Miss Afrosoul)


Just Another Day

          My grind has always been building a solid foundation by way of networking.  Which leads me to this introduction.  A few years ago I was introduced to LV and the infamous Will Flux through my fam Mr. Gregory Cross.  Since that intro these men are on their way to building an EMPIRE!  Things started off small all the way out there in El Paso, but now, it has grown to EPIC proportions, and to prove just how large their movement and focus has become, check out the E8ght Barz website.  It focuses on unsigned talent and provides us with a platform to get notices by those that are in the business.  For artists, such as myself, I couldn't ask for anything better then what this team is putting together.  Yes, I said team...there are many that are behind the scenes as well cuz you know what they say TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!! 
          Here is a small introduction into what my people do!  E8ght Barz Media Conglomerate, LLC is a marketing and promotional Independent Network (iNetwork) which serves multiple corners of the market with an unsurpassed niche in urban lifestyle. With music at the core of this culture, E8ght Barz has established the iNetwork, which has been founded to give Indie/Underground Talent a solid platform to expose their unique brand of sound through digital media. Hip-Hop Artist that are talented, goal- oriented, ambitious and creative will be exposed to thousands of potential fans. E8ght Barz will expose (PLUG) THE Indie/Underground Artist to multiple music and industry opportunities (recording studios, platinum producers, radio stations, DJ booths, concert venues and online sites where creative innovators, cultural influencers, entrepreneurs and fan converge).
*Get Exposed and Discovered.*

Hosted Video Clip 30-45 sec Introduce Specific Talent / Perform
(Entertainers: Rappers, Comedians, Singers, Poets, DJs, Producers, Graffiti Artist, Dancers, ETC. *HipHop)
8 Barz... Prequel 60 sec
8 Barz... s/o (ShoutOut) 45 sec 
8 Barz... Debut Release
8 Barz... Spotlight: 120 sec
Bring 8 Barz Your Talent!  Models, Entertainers, Rappers, Comedians, Poets, Singers
E8ght Barz Media Conglomerate is a union of iNetwork industry organizations that have joined together to deliver the support to the professional entertainment artists, related businesses and the services that support the artists.
E8ght Barz (8 Barz)Bringing Life Back To HipHop; E8ght Barz At A Time...

Offcial8Barz Commercial Release

All Ready On (Official Video)
LV Da Slap Phoen/FlauntDaGift Records

8 Barz MCTV S1 E1
check out the links and if you got the skills then submit a video...what do you got ta loose!!

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