Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just Another Day: Graffiti Gallery

Just Another Day:  Graffiti Gallery
by Renee Batson AKA Afrosoul

Just Another Day
Graffiti comes from the Greek term "graphein" meaning to write, and the word  graffiti is plural for the Italian word "gaffito" meaning scratch.  It's history can be dated back to prehistoric times where cave men constructed wall drawings as a way of communicating with one another.

Many would say that graffiti is a form of vandalism, however, since the 20th century graffiti has become a prominent fixture within urban communities.

As Hip hop emerged graffiti grew based on the social, cultural, and political inequalities that impoverished communities had to face.  Graffiti has become the foundation of personal expression of an oppressed and disenfranchised people throughout the globe.

If you have observed and studied the art of graffiti you would see that the pieces are a reflection of our voice, much like the words a lyricist writes down on paper before spittin' an epic verse on a track.  It is a reflection of our thoughts, feelings, and frustrations with a system who has forgotten about the people who struggle to survive day to day in the urban jungle.

Personally, I have always had a love for art.  Since childhood I was exposed to artists like Vincent Van Gogh,  Micheal Angelo, and Salvador Dali long before I was introduced to street art.  Once I was exposed to street art, I fell in love with it.  From the colors, lines, and mixture of letters to the expressive nature of each piece, it captures the very essence of music.  Come to think it, the Greek meaning of graffiti is writing which would be the artist/mc, and the Italian meaning is scratch which would be the DJ.  See now how graffiti goes hand in hand with every aspect of hip hop culture!

Even though graffiti doesn't make a sound, it speaks volumes, kinda like the sounds you hear from a cassette tape when u first drop it in a boom box!!!
Graffiti will never die. It will remain on walls, trains and everywhere that these artists can get to. It is no different then the art you view in a gallery, the only difference is it is constantly in motion.


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