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Interview With Shalanda Williams, A&R for Wu-Tang Management's Protect Ya Neck Records

Jay of South East Hip Hop Magazine recently sat down with Music Industry Professional, Promoter/ Event Planner and A&R for Wu-Tang Management's Protect Ya Neck Records for a one on one in depth exclusive interview to talk about her past, present and future projects, events, involvement with Wu-Management, the upcoming Women Of Power Conference in Raleigh, NC and MORE!  Read all about what she has to say below.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How are you doing Shalanda Williams?  
Shalanda Williams:  I'm blessed and highly favored.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  You've been apart of the music industry for awhile, when did you start and how long has it been?
Shalanda Williams:  I've been doing this music industry thing since October 2013.  First event was in December 2013 it bombed then I decided to do a mix tape.  We Never Settle was born the release party was in April of 2014 and that's how I met a lot of artists in the area I did a "We Never Settle" 2 and 3 that were all successful. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What inspired you to be apart of this?
Shalanda Williams:  The music inspires me.  It's my passion and stress reliever I love music it's a part of my daily life always has been since a child.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: You recently got a position working with Protect Ya Neck Records, how did you end up getting the job?
Shalanda Williams:  Protect Your Neck records I've known the head of A&R Vega for over a year he has been apart of my growing process and all I've done he saw my work ethic and grind he respected it and asked me to be a part of the team.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How do you feel about your new position?
Shalanda Williams:  I love being on the team.  I consider it a 2nd family they support and back me up on things in Raleigh.  The support level is on empty (laughs) the hate level is on high (laughs) funny, but true so it feels awesome to have support.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What are some of the duties you do and what have you done so far?
Shalanda Williams:  I am A&R so my duty is to scout talent and sign it (laughs).

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who are some of the people you work with at Protect Ya Neck Records?
Shalanda Williams:  I have 3 artists I'm assigned to in Atlanta that I adore they are very talented I make sure their projects are released.  They have everything in order to be released.  We have check lists that have to be completed to get released.  I am also a partner in the Wu Tang model division that was just created.  We are about to start doing auditions to find models in different cities to represent the brand.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What's some of your favorite Wu-Tang Clan songs?
Shalanda Williams:  I have to be honest.  I was never a big Wu Tang fan.  I loved that song "C.R.E.A.M." though.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Although you weren't a big fan of the Wu-Tang, were there any individual members you happen to like?
Shalanda Williams:  Method Man was my favorite member.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What do you plan on doing to help take Protect Ya Neck Records to the top?
Shalanda Williams:  Anything I do I take to the next level by giving it my 100 dedication, time and focus.  Protect Your Neck has been established since 1993 but this, model division is going to be awesome game changer.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  You also organize events in Raleigh, NC and in other places in the south east region.... do you plan on having Protect Ya Neck Records involved with what you are doing?
Shalanda Williams:  Yes they will be involved in my events we are doing a Def Jam /PYN showcase in August as well as the Wu Tang Ice Cream model search.  I also have a women's conference coming up in August 21 to 23 In Raleigh NC called women of Perseverance Opportunity Wisdom Education and Resilience.  My goal is to change one life at a time thru encouragement education and empowerment I feel if one woman leaves with more than what she came in with we as a committee have won.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Speaking of events, what events do you have coming up soon?
Shalanda Williams:  l am a part of the Atlanta underground music academy/awards July 9th to 12th.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What else would you like to tell the readers about you?
Shalanda Williams:  I am presenting a award and hosting a event in Atlanta called "Who Got Barz".  I'm going to help co host at their Atlanta underground music radio station while I'm there.  I'm working hand in hand with Katrina Moore the founder director of the whole AUMA movement I love how they support me and what I have going on I'm blessed to be a part of their movement as well.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?
Shalanda Williams:  Shout out to.... oh Lord bare with me (laughs)... first one goes to South East Magazine for this interview I really appreciate your support Jay.  "Protect Ya Neck" Records and Wu Tang Management.  My boss Vega Don, BME Business Minded Ent.  FME Full Moon Ent, AUMA, Katrina Moore, Shay Ward, my artists I work with Star Gazer, T Monie Miami Blaize, Double R, my Women in Power conference committee, Queen Size Magazine, Dope Souf Radio, my best friend in the whole world Kendall Davenport...he is Double R I love his life, he is my main support system and Blackout Ent which is my company promotion marketing artist management and development company.


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