Saturday, May 9, 2015

Interview with Monumental J.O.E. (Monumental Movements)

Jay of South East Hip Hop Magazine recently spoke with rapper / music industry mogul Monumental J.O.E. about Monumental Movements, the artists he's working with, the upcoming Monumental Mixtape and more!  Read all about what he has to say in the interview below. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How are you doing Monumental J.O.E.
Monumental J.O.E.:  I am Monumental thank you for asking.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What makes you so "Monumental", and what does the acronym stand for?
Monumental J.O.E.:  Everything I do or say in my everyday practice is to the fullest potential, meaning bigger than big, so that means MONUMENTAL levels. The acronym stands for J.O.E.=Just_One_Empire, which means we are all one and under one empire in this life. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How long have you been rapping?
Monumental J.O.E.:  I have been rapping since a young kid, but I mainly started beat boxing first. I can recall being in elementary school and always hearing music in my head so I would make beats with my mouth and that's where it all started. I would eventually beat box for all my homies to rap to since I could hold the beat for the longest and had the cyphers riding out. Those were the days, great fun was had back then.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What inspired you to want to rap?
Monumental J.O.E.:  I would say life just brought it out of me along with the rappers I grew up listening to. I finally came to rap seriously when I knew I wanted something better for my family and myself in this life. This is also a form of therapy for me so it all tied together.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who were some of your influences growing up?
Monumental J.O.E.:  I have been influenced by every coast, every style, and every artist from the 80's-90's  since I really love all sides and styles, But Biggie and Pac were my main influences as far as Artist's go. It may sound cliché but I grew up when they literally changed the game and it was truly Monumental to be in the middle of that era. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who are some of the artists that you listen to now?
Monumental J.O.E.:  Action Bronson, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, The Weekend, Ty Dolla Sign.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who are some of the other artists that are down with the Monumental Movement?
Monumental J.O.E.:  Bambo (Mr. Triple Threat), Kool Boo Booski, Bear Witness, Switch Tha Weirdoo, Ace, YD, Bronson, Smoke dogg, and Nub. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?
Monumental J.O.E.:  I would say I am very versatile, I can be on the hardest track and then turn around and be on the softest love RnB track, I do it all! I have no limits, I have even made a few jingles for a few companies.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What are your plans for the rest of 2015?
Monumental J.O.E.:  We have the Monumental Movements Mixtape (self titled) dropping this year, along with 2 more drops, Bambo (the Journey), and MoJo=(Monumental J.O.E.), so it should be interesting.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Monumental J.O.E.:  I see my team and I taking our Movement global and being a household name that everyone loves.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What advice would you give other indie artists out here on the grind?
Monumental J.O.E.:  Never stop pushing forward no matter what, and I promise you will see results in some shape, form, or fashion!

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?
Monumental J.O.E.:  Yes visit our website at and follow us on all social media platforms, which you will find links to on our website in the top right corner. Also special shout out to VHAEKAY FILMS for all the video magic they produce. Be on the lookout as they are next in the video/film industry!

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