Sunday, July 19, 2015

South East Hip Hop Models: Introducing Model & Actress Crystal La'Starr (model featured in 9Ten Mobb's "Lights Down Low" Video)

Crystal La'Starr is a model and actress, born and raised in Norwalk, CT about 30 min outside of Manhattan, NY. She then relocated to Raleigh, NC to attend college after graduating high school where she obtained her AAS degree in Medical Assisting and is working towards getting her BS degree in Criminal Justice.  She now travels back and forth to Atlanta, Ga where she is currently signed under Lil Scrappy's label Grustle Gang/ Hands on ENT. As one of scrappy's artist Ca$ino Roulette's model under his brand Ca$ino's Angels.

"Modeling and acting has always been my dream since the young age of 3. My mother always told me I would be a star in this industry. I have that kind of personality where everything comes to life, I have a very creative and imaginary mind.  I started off in New York modeling for a photographer from France, by the name of Jean Michele and then worked my way towards children commercials. I'm a big dreamer, strong believer; you can do anything you set your mind to, speak it into existence and believe it has already been done and most of all have faith in God!"

"As far as my modeling career, I can't even complain! I have been featured in several music videos and fashion shows and published 4 times in several magazines. The latest video you can find me in is "What if" by Ca$ino Roulette f/ Chinkie Brown dropping 7/26/15 on, you can find a sneak peek clip of the video on YouTube. I mean really how often do you hear a good song and the video makes the lyrics come to life its going to be epic! I hope to become an international model. Each day is a new day to be better than you were yesterday and one step closer to your destined dream!"

"My acting career is something I will always continue to strive for, from the outside looking in others seen potential that I wasn't sure of, but after my first role I was like ok I can do this! I have completed 5 movies all in one year, two of them I had leading roles. My biggest accomplishment was filming along side Pooch Hall, Thorsten Kaye, Latavia Roberson and several other actors in a film called "But Deliver Us From Evil" by Joshua Coates coming to Theaters this fall, where I play a college student. I have also been in a 1940's nostalgic musical stage play "Soup Bones Juke Joint" written and directed by Randie Forne."

"Aside from my modeling and acting career I continue to work on my brand LaStarr Royaute, which is a variety of things under it! Right now I am focusing on my clothing line, which will have hand crafted customized apparel as well as designs by me for all  men, women and children. I believe in originality and everyone wants to and should be able to feel good about themselves!
Make sure y'all go follow me on IG, FB and Twitter to stay up to date on Crystal LaStarr!!!"

FB: Crystal LaStarr & Crystal La'Starr
IG: Crystal_LaStarr
Twitter: Crystal LaStarr (@cbigelow82)

Crystal La'Starr was also featured in South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artists 9Ten Mobb's "Lights Down Low" music video!  Check it out.

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