Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fly Guy Brand Taking Off Nationwide, Teen Brothers Setting The Stage For The Youth In The World Of Fashion Design, Next Stop, The World!

Fly Guy Brand Taking Off Nationwide, Teen Brothers Setting The Stage For The Youth In The World Of Fashion Design, Next Stop, The World!

The Fly Guy Brand was created just south of Denver, Colorado, in Centennial. Fly Guy was started because the boys yearned to make more than their $10 weekly allowance at the same time they wanted to create a brand that everyone would love. At the tender age of 16 and 11, brothers Austin and Preston Anguilm are ready to make their clothing brand Fly Guy a household name.To make this business work the brothers have business meetings, make design decisions, do their own marketing and have shared Fly Guy Brand swag with celebrities, at skate parks with everyday people, and at store openings.

At such a young age these brothers have the recipe for success! They are focused, driven and passionate about their clothing line and love what they do. When asked about some of their most memorable moments they replied, "Our most memorable moment was in the summer of 2014 when we created a pop-up shop, and made more money in a few days, than we made in six months, that shop was VERY successful for us! However, the most exciting moments are when we are hanging out and we see people wearing our brand on people in the general public, it feels so good to know that people feel cool and comfortable in the Fly Guy Brand, it is the whole reason that we created the company!"

They are definitely gaining attention for their talent, celebrities that have been spotted with Fly Guy Brand apparel include: Rapper Problem, Shameik Moore, who stars as Malcolm in this summer’s breakout movie “Dope”, child star, Miles Brown, who plays Jack Johnson on the hit show Blackish, and many more.

In addition Austin, Preston and the Fly Guy Brand were given a commendation by Senate President Morgan Carroll on behalf of the State of Colorado, for their 'ambition and entrepreneurial spirit'. The boys are extremely honored to be recognized not only by their peers and celebrities, but the great State of Colorado as well!

For more information, visit:

Michelle (Chella) MageeFounder/Chairman/Publicist 
Bullz Eye Ent.

Current Client Roster

Recording Artist Covan Magee 
Hip Hop Artist Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz/MOB Muzik)
Forever K Michael Designer Eyewear
/Shaquille Oneil Dunkman Eyewear​

Pamala Hall-Screenwriter Lionhawk Productions
Filmmaker Kyron Hodges- Current project "The Thin Black Line"
Singer George A. Santino
Author Ginny Scales-Medeiros
Michael Egleton- Jazz Singer
VECA New Media INC.
Oscar Sanchez/Affluent Records
Author/Filmmaker Earlina Gilford Weaver

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