Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mono Bagends Interview (Get Fly Summer 2015)

Mono Bagends is BACK and with a brand 

NEW EP titled Get Fly Summer and a 

HOT new clothing line of the same name to

go along with it!  South East Hip Hop 

Magazine gets a hold of the party animal / 

rising rap star to talk about the new music,

new merchandise and to play catch up!

Read all about it in this new interview.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: How is everything going?
Mono Bagends:  Everyday is filled with limitless opportunities and endless possibilities. That's how I live my life so everyday is a blessing.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What have you been up to, since the last time we've spoke with you?
Mono Bagends:  A lot of pillaging, plundering, looting, maiming and burning....that's what Get Fly Summer is all about.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  You have a new EP and clothing line out called "Get Fly Summer" can you tell the readers a little about that?
Mono Bagends:  The EP is relevant to what goes on during the summer. The songs are party tracks with a lot of sexual innuendos.  It describes what everyone wants to be doing during the summer.  The clothing line fell into my lap with a company called Merch Direct. They are the biggest distributor of merchandise out there. They liked the idea so we ran with it.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What types of clothes do you have available with your new line?
Mono Bagends:  Right Now we have t-shirts and Tank tops in black and white. The slogan of "Get Fly Summer" is something everyone can get behind. You can purchase them at Purchase a t-shirt and get the album complimentary.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What's this new EP about?  How would you describe it? 
Mono Bagends:  Party Tracks. Feel good fun music...everything your summer is supposed to be about. The album is not limited to just summer time; if you want to party and feel how real peeps conduct there business then this is for you regardless of the season. Its more pop/hip hop than my previous releases. It can be purchased at the website or anywhere online music is sold.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Who did you work with for this new EP?
Mono Bagends:  Filthy Rich (Dope engineer) put the whole thing together. There are various producers on the album.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What can the listeners expect to hear on this EP?
Mono Bagends: Ill Lyrics, Dope Beats, fast paced flows and concepts. I describe things so vividly that you can picture them.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Getting back to the clothing line, why should the people buy "Get Fly Summer" apparel?  How would you sum it up?
Mono Bagends: Its a cool ass slogan....who doesn't want to get fly for the summer?? 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Do you plan on doing a "Get Fly Fall" or "Get Fly Winter" series with your brand?
Mono Bagends: (laughs) Probably not..if I do something related to the seasons it won't be that exactly.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What other plans do you have for the rest of 2015?
Mono Bagends: Releasing another EP before the year is up and pushing this website All information about me can be viewed by following the links.



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