Wednesday, July 15, 2015

South East Hip Hop Models: Introducing Ms. Diamond

Modeling name- Ms.Diamond
Fb- Ms.Diamond- model
IG- msdiamondtheboss, msdiamonddiva89

"I am a small town girl from Culpeper Va. I was the nerd back in school and was a loner but knew i would make it one day. I'm here now in NC ready to pursue those dreams I've had all these years. My first project is building my brand to a great level of success. My 2nd project I'm working on now is my clothing line called Fabulous Ambition and Brains, FAAB LIFE for short. The line will consist of women's and some men clothing all designed by me. There are more projects i am doing so stay tuned to the FAAB LIFE movement. The modeling is getting bigger and better and i pray to reach heights I've only dreamed of. I have been published in 3 magazines, twice in Desgyn Magazine and once in Been Banned, and I'm working towards bigger and better opportunities for my brand. I am a hardworking,  dedicated,  and ambitious woman striving for greatness. My personality is a lovable,  loyal, caring, funny, down to earth person with good intentions. The reason i wanted to be a model was because i was tired of looking at what you think you should expect in a model or girls who truly aren't claiming they are. I am talented enough to do runway, hosting, promo, videos, high fashion, print, and acting!! I call myself the versatile model of this new day and age. So keep up with my social media to see what's going on with the FAAB LIFE and Ms. Diamond."

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