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South East Hip Hop's BEST OF JULY 2014 List

South East Hip Hop Magazine's 

BEST OF JULY 2014 List!

Check out our "Best Of July 2014" list.


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Best Artist (Male) of the Month:  An-One 

Purchase An-One's Mr. Prezident at the link below

South Coast Records artist AN-ONE wins for Artist of the Month of July just on the strength of his current release Mr. Prezident (available on iTunes), which is entirely produced by Stupid Genius!  Definitely buy the album and HEAR exactly why An-One was named ARTIST OF THE MONTH!

Best Artist (Female) of the Month:  

Diiamond Royalty

South Coast Records' first female artist Diiamond Royalty wins for BEST FEMALE ARTIST of the Month of July.  Find out why by checking out some of her recent videos on her official youtube page!  

Best Single of the Month:  

Some Kosher Yuppy "Prayers For My Enemies"

Some Kosher Yuppy's "Prayers For My Enemies" (courtesy of 

South Coast Records) was definitely the single of the Month of July!  

Listen to why this song made it over all the rest by clicking this link 

Best DJ of The Month:  Robinlynne

Popular Internet Radio DJ and "Queen of the Live 

Stream" Robinlynne has been winning many awards 

for supporting independent artists by spinning their 

music on the various platforms she's involved with, 

well now Robinlynne can add this win to the rest of 

her recent accomplishments.  Check out her official 

website at 

Best Producer of the Month:  KZR Beats

KZR Beatz really makes hot beats!  KZR Beats is also the master mind behind a lot of the hits performed by South East Hip Hop featured artist RHYME SCHEME (including the smash "Time Will Fly" featuring D.I.V. and Revolver) and more!  Check out some of his handy work on Rhyme Scheme's ALL BLACK album by clicking this link 

Best Music Video of The Month:  

Some Kosher Yuppy "Lessons Learned"

(directed by Ghost)

Music video of the Month goes to the Ghost Directed, 

South Coast Records released "Lessons Learned" 

performed by SOME KOSHER YUPPY!  Check it out 

here at this direct link

Big Business Award:  Robinlynne's Productions

The big business award goes to Robinlynne's Productions!  The reason why?  

Well Robinlynne's Productions is doing big things!  Robinlynne's Productions is 

the driving force behind vocalist Angel Session's marketing campaign as well as

the advertising of many of the platforms featuring Evangelist Mike Bradford.

She's  producing, co-producing and syndicating various radio shows such as L.A. 

Davis' "It's My House",  Jesus In The Morning with Barbra Mack, and many 

more!  In the Fall of 2014 Robinlynne will work along side popular clean 

comedian and ventriloquist Willie Brown, and in the immediate future she will 

help South East Hip Hop Magazine relaunch SEHH Radio!!!  Definitely keep 

checking back for more updates and more BIG BUSINESS from Robinlynne and

Robinlynne's Productions!  Check it out here at this direct link


Best Collaboration of The Month:  

Brittney J & Jibbs "All My Love"



Best Collaboration goes to R&B singer Brittney J. and rapper Jibbs (the man behind the 2007 hit single "Chain Hang Low") for the smash single "All My Love"!  Check it out here at this direct link

Best Promotions:  Vibes Live Promo

Not only is Vibes Live a very popular Live Stream, but now Vibes Live offers a variety of services to listeners as well as artists and entertainers.  One of the services is Radio Promotion and Internet Marketing!  Artists, labels, if you are in need of an extra push then e-mail for more information.   

Best Radio Of The Month:  Vibes Live Radio


Vibes Live Radio wins for "Best Radio of the Month".  Check it out here at these links and

Best Blog / Website Of The Month:  Spreaker

The Best Website for the Month of July goes to 

SPREAKER!  Spreakers hosts many different Radio 

Shows from Terrestrial FM stations to Internet Live 

Streams to even podcasts.  Frequent South East 

Hip Hop Magazine sponsor and supporter Robinlynne 

also hosts her radio network and shows she's 

produced on Spreaker's server.  Just recently 

Spreaker held it's 2nd annual SPREAKER AWARDS 

on iHeart Radio and Robinlynne herself won in 3 

different categories.  For best talk Radio, for best 

Gospel, Country and/or Classical Station, and for 

best DJ/Presenter.

Check out Spreaker at

and Robinlynne's Network on Spreaker at 

Best Youtube of The Month:  

Rhyme Scheme Promo Playlist on SEHH

The Best Youtube goes to South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artists Rhyme Scheme's 

PLAYLIST on South East Hip Hop Magazine's Youtube page.  The playlist features 

Interviews with Rhyme Scheme on various radio shows, as well as promo videos.

Check out the playlist here at this link

Model of the Month:  Nika Williams

Comedienne and Runway Model, Nika Williams (yes she's BOTH a stand up comic and model) and she's very funny and just as equally beautiful.  Check out her interview on 2 Good 4 Radio here

Comedian/ Comedienne of The Month:  


Robinlynne wears multiple hats, not only is she the PD, on air DJ and host of various segments of Vibes Live Radio, but she's also a comedienne.  As the eccentric host asks unconventional questions to her guests and often blurts zany comments between spinning music, her comedic persona often bleeds through!  You will hear a lot more comedy from Robinlynne throughout 2014 as she lends her talents and voice for the forthcoming audio sketch comedy show "Yesterday Night Taped", she's also preparing to take her show on the road!  Getting herself back out to the public, and performing at various venues across the nation all while running Vibes Live 24 hour live stream!  Watch out 2014!  Tune in to hear Vibes Live at

Album / Mixtape of The Month:  

An-One & Stupid Genius Mr. Prezident

Purchase An-One's Mr. Prezident to find out why he wins for 


Purchase An-One's Mr. Prezident at the link below

Best Mobile App of The Month:  

Vibes Live/ Robinlynne Network App.

Vibes-Live - screenshot 

The Best Mobile App. for the Month of July goes to VIBES LIVE.  Get all the latest updates and audio on the Live Stream by downloading and installing the app.  It's free and easy to use.

Best Blogger of The Month:

Renee Batson AKA Miss Afrosoul

We have a new category!  BLOGGER OF THE MONTH!  For the Month of July, South East Hip Hop Magazine blogger / journalist Renee Batson AKA Miss Afrosoul wins for Blogger of The Month with her column "Just Another Day"..... check out one of her latest entries here at this link to read for yourself why she makes our "Best Of" list for July!

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