Saturday, January 4, 2014

MacFeezie from the South Coast Records Street Team shares his experience!

(MacFeezie on the right, promoting and street teaming for
South Coast Records on the streets of VA)

South East Hip Hop Magazine recently sat down with South Coast Records' street team member MacFeezie for a one on one interview to discuss his experience working with the popular indie record label who's roster includes talented hip hop recording artists such as Some Kosher Yuppy, and Jay Fresko among others.

In the interview MacFeezie talks about why he joined the growing promotional street team for the label, his favorite songs from some of his favorite South Coast Recording artists and more!  

Read all about what MacFeezie had to say.

South East Hip Hop:  How are you doing MacFeezie?
MacFeezie:  I'm doing well.  Some Kosher Yuppy just dropped his EP and since I've been working with South Coast everything has really started to look up for me! 

South East Hip Hop:  You are a proud member of the South Coast Records street team, what inspired you to join?
MacFeezie:  Research honestly everything is backed by something in black and white. 

South East Hip Hop:  Have you been a member of other Street Teams in the past?  If so what was your experience?
MacFeezie:  I'm a graphic designer also so I work with a couple other street teams also mostly in Louisiana and southeast Texas. #FCF 

South East Hip Hop:  What types of things have you done to spread the word of South Coast Records being a member of the team so far?
MacFeezie:  I have a strong presence on social media to put out info along with word of mouth. 

South East Hip Hop:  Who are some of your favorite South Coast Records artists?
MacFeezie:  There isn't an artist on the label that doesn't put out good quality music.

South East Hip Hop:  What are some of your favorite songs by South Coast Recording artists?
MacFeezie:  "In Due Time" and his whole No Days Off EP.

South East Hip Hop:  Are there any particular releases that are you are looking forward to on South Coast Records?
MacFeezie:  If I told it wouldn't be a surprise, but rest assured South Coast has big things coming in 2014!

South East Hip Hop:  What does MacFeezie like to get into in his spare time?
MacFeezie:  I do photography, graphic design, promote music and pretty much help others get their projects to the next step.

South East Hip Hop:  What plans do you have for 2014?MacFeezie: I plan to start college in 2014.  I was in the navy and now that I'm out its time to buckle down and focus on the future. 

South East Hip Hop:  Speaking of the future, do you see yourself moving up in the ladder working with South Coast Records?
MacFeezie:  Well there is plenty of room for growth in the label so moving up the ladder really isn't a concern its about getting everyone on your team to the next level that's when you really feel accomplished.

If you would like to join the South Coast Records street team just click this link for more information.

Check out South Coast Records official Website at

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