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Interview with the Queen of the Live Stream ROBINLYNNE (of Vibes Live Radio)

South East Hip Hop Magazine recently spoke with the Program Director and Host of Vibes Live Radio, Comedienne, Internet Personality and "Queen of The Live Stream" Minister Robinlynne to discuss how Vibes Live came about, her future plans and more!  Read all about what she has to say in this in depth one on one interview, and also don't forget to stream Vibes Live here at this link

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How are you doing Robinlynne?
Robinlynne: Doing good, jumping in the chat room as usual!

South East Hip Hop Magazine: How long have you been hosting Vibes Live Radio?
Robinlynne:  About 4 years now. MC Frozen1 in London created the station and he needed some help running it, He let me "help" even tho I didn't  know a thing about radio, broadcasting, encoding, trans-coding....still don't, we were on the air for a while with different casters logging in from England, Scotland, Seattle, and Israel.  We have been on a few different platforms on on  hiatus a time or two while I was learning how to get a server.  I learned that 2 years ago, and got the signal up , I didn't expect that I was going to get online so fast, so here I am with a signal, no playlist nothing cued.  ha ha ha.  So that was the first "live show" we did...hahaha was great, I could go on... 

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What inspired you to want to get into broadcasting?
Robinlynne:  I have always had a love of electronics and gadgets, and my stint in the Air Force sealed my fate.  I love the mechanics of it really, behind the scene, I actually am a producer, I have like 20 shows going right now on my Spreaker network, of which we are celebrating our 100,000 listener status, yay!!  As a producer sometimes I had to show how it's done,  for those of you who know, I had to block it our for em.. I actually have been supporting others in their broadcasts, and somehow I got on!  lol I ate somebodies Wheaties!!!

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What were you doing before Vibes Live?
Robinlynne:  I was studying and working towards becoming a Minister, and I was already on the net helping people with tech stuff with their computers, and I would also teach em how to run the studios and phone lines for their talk shows.  Nothing much really, I am a Veteran with post traumatic stress syndrome and I spend most of my time just trying to be alright.  Lets talk about that another time tho, like right before my next appointment, I really hate what happened to me, I'll tell you that tho.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Could you tell us a little about the other programs you produce or work on as a program director?
Robinlynne:  No I cannot tell you a little, THERE ARE 25 SHOWS what you wanna know?  lolol I think we are at 5 radio stations..  1 secular and 4 christian, gospel oriented, talk shows, sermons, education.  Something for everyone!! Some I created, some I just relay the broadcasts or simulcast, I am the streaming queen!!!

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Who are some of your favorite artists right now?
Robinlynne:  oh Rhyme Scheme no doubt, Brian Kocher (Clean Kutt), and I'm sorry but Stevie Wonder and Prince always on the top of my list everyday!!  I do have all the artists I have encountered in my personal playlist which is what I actually play on the air!  I play what I want, so don't request nothing... lol just kidding!

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  You have had lots of interesting guests on Vibes Live, who are some of your favorite guests so far?
Robinlynne:  Oh that's not fair to ask, you trying to start a fight! My favorites are Rhyme Scheme and Revolver!  I messed up the time, and they still honored the interview.  Ah let's see oh yea Nymrod was the best, he and his girl Elle Marie are holding down Federal District!!!  Shout out to all my family over there!  Yea Yea and we set it up so that I will be the officiating minister of their wedding!!!  Halleluyah! My Favorite Guest is my very first one Coach Real!  He is busy doing his thing, but without a doubt my biggest supporter! You can check out his music right on Vibes-Live website.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: You also perform comedy correct?  How long have you been performing stand up and what inspired you to get into that?
Robinlynne:  I have been doing stand up since before I could stand up, I always been talking something smart or something funny, and I don't know that anything inspired me.  I think I just am that way, and I'm just being myself, and having a real good time too.  I got my start in Seattle, I was in the audience, I can't remember who the comedian was, and you know how the audience laughs, and chatters back, not the hecklers ya know, okay, so the staff comes to me and asks me to stop making comments because I was funnier than the guy on stage.  lolol  now that was fun!!!   ha ha I didn't even have to say nothing, If I just laughed it was on! hahahah I can still do that... but don't quote me.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Who are some of your favorite comedians?
Robinlynne:  Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Flip Wilson, Bill Cosby, and me.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What are some of the other projects you are involved in?
Robinlynne:  Well the ministries have gone more than global with the radio stations reaching 23 countries now, and we are now reaching and teaching 3rd world countries, and supporting them in broadcasting the Word Of God, which is my true passion. 

I have but one concern, We planted a Church in Pakistan, and have been broadcasting sermons for 3 years before it was discovered and destroyed in a suicide bomber attack while they were in Sunday school.  Many homes were burned down and they are all on the run.  My face book is gone now and I have lost all of our work and history.  I would love all the support I can get in locating and gaining safety for my people, I would show you the evidence but its all gone, maybe some avid fan of mine will vouch for me, yea face book got me real good, stay tuned I will be telling you all about that! 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Do you have any plugs or shout outs?
Robinlynne:  Yes first to God, praise God from whom all blessings flow!  My God Brother INdeed Evangelist Mike Bradford, Just Some Guy Named "Jay" the figment of my imagination!  You got some real nice things in your pockets!! Huh! I dunno either.. ha ha ha , oh yea Mr Larry Poynter Jr. of South Coast Records, I hit him up blind one morning on facebook with like this flurry of ideas and words, and he took the time to listen, and he said Yes!! so that Now Vibes-live has got the hottest the freshest and the bestest music, artists, and the people  behind em all in one nice place.  Unity,, aah that's nice!

Listen to VIBES LIVE here at this direct link

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