Monday, May 2, 2016

South FRANCE supports Hemingway's single "Right On Time"

Popular France based (Toulouse, France to be exact) mixtape and club DJ, DJ Kenni Starr is loving the North Carolina, USA stationed recording artist Hemingway's new single "Right On Time" after receiving the record from Some Guy Named Jay.  This is what the beloved European DJ had to say about the single.....

"I like this track, Hemingway got a dope flow, 

half rapper, half singer for a big track !! 

Cant wait to see the video !! Thanx Hemingway 

you "on time" with this single !!" - DJ Kenni Starr

Indeed Indeed.  DJ Kenni Starr is certainly behind the single and will soon break the record in France!!  Keep checking back for more updates.  

Hemingway "Right On Time" (Radio)
Check out the single "Right On Time" by Hemingway here at this direct link on Spreaker

Check it out by clicking the embedded youtube link above.


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