Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Project LMR

Project LMR is an anti-domestic violence initiative created by Australian singer- songwriter Bobby BeeBob and US artist Qwes Kross. The objective of the project is to use the arts to raise awareness and funding to fight domestic violence.
The project has initiated activity that includes music and video releases from artists all over the globe, live events and merchandise.

The first song to kick off Project LMR is a remake of the hit 90’s song “Losing My Religion” by the iconic Grammy award winning, American rock band, REM. Bobby BeeBob and US artist Qwes Kross are the artists in the song and video. This song and video is what inspired the creation of Project LMR.

The theme of the music video is based on domestic violence. The interpretation of “Losing My Religion” in this sense is the loss of humanity. Modern society is a bubble like existence. We try to not get involved with the suffering of other people. We look away when confronted with the pain of others, with mindset that we should not “interfere”.
This is wrong. Domestic Violence is a community issue and as a community, we need to stand together and protect people who are being subjected to it.

Function Loops cross media partners with Project LMR on the Domestic Violence Campaign Globally to share the cause. The music video was shot in Melbourne. It was convinced and directed by renowned Australian cinematographer Aaron Foley. We urge everyone to get involved and share this video and make a stand against this epidemic!

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