Tuesday, November 24, 2015

13th Floor "Daab" (New Music!)

These kids are infectious! After listening to their hot new single “Dabb” one time you will be singing it for days! Pleasing to the ears with a real, identifiable sound, 13th floor is bringing something to the game that its been lacking. A natural style and chemistry that is the perfect recipe for success. 13th floor is a teenage hip hop trio emerging from the shadows of East Side Atlanta. Focused and driven this trio consists of J’Mali, Jukebox and K2 whom are all Georgia bred. These guys are serious about their craft, their music brings a new refreshing spin to classic hip hop that is hypnotic to the ears. Their latest single and video release titled “Dabb” will be the next trend amongst teens gaining attention and sure to go viral. “Dabb” is a fun, energetic display of what its like to hang on the 13th floor.


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