Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WFLA "In Yo Ear Radio" supports Mr. Boom Boom Bang

Dee Jordan (program director of "In Yo Ear Radio") got a hold of Mr. Boom Boom Bang's latest single "Down Low" and had some great things to say about the track!  This is what she had to say...

Woow! Ok..It's a hot track...

The lyrics are on point & the production itself is hot. 

I can see walking into a club setting & rocking to it. 

I would rate it as a club banger. 

The next question or piece of the puzzle is how he delivers it in live performance. 

But I definitely like it. Can you send it to me mp3. I can put it in rotation

- Dee Jordan 
WFLA "In Yo Ear" Radio

Check out In Yo Ear Radio here at this direct link

Check out the new single "Down Low" from rising Atlanta
artist Mr. Boom Boom Bang here at 
this direct link

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