Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Reviews by V-Dot: Clean Kutt "Standing Out"

Artist:  Clean Kutt & Rob
Song:  "Standing Out"

When it comes to finding a joint you don't have to change when your mother walks into the room, it doesn't get any fresher than Clean Kutt.  The kat stands true to his name and his image in his single "Standing Out".

Come on, how often do you find a curse-word free hip hop song that you can turn up and bump to?  Clean Kutt drops a clean beat, mixes it with a little down south dirty screw and gives that  track its edge while still having fun with it.

So, when looking for a joint that just makes you feel good, vibe to; grab ya gadget, ya crew and head over to youtube and check out Clean Kutt. 


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