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Southeast Hip Hop BEST OF APRIL 2017: (See Who The Winners Are)

This is the Southeast Hip Hop BEST OF APRIL 2017 List.  SEE WHO WON BIG!!!

Best Artist (Male):  Reime Schemes
Winner in the category for BEST Artist Male goes to Reime Schemes!  Reime Schemes recently changed his name from Rhyme Scheme to Reime Schemes, had one of the hottest singles and music videos of the month with "Island Flame", and although his latest LP RHYMAGEDDON doesn't officially drop until May 19th, he has been getting lots of sales in pre-orders for the album based on the pre-buzz!  Although, Reime Schemes is the man of the year, he certainly had a great month in April!  

Best Artist (Female):  Tammy Thomas
Although Tammy Thomas may not be a vocalist, or a rapper... she is a well known poet, and poetry is an art so..... that makes Tammy Thomas an "artist"!  The poetess supreme recently dropped an anthology of her most powerful pieces and works of art titled Emotional Soul of a Poetess which is available on Amazon at this direct link and has been receiving tons of praises from critics and avid readers across the board.  Tammy Thomas was recently highlighted in the prestigious Blacktopia website, as well as being plugged in 50 Cent's This is 50 website and Waka Flocka's "Supastars Online Magazine" as well!  Tammy Thomas certainly has the potential of becoming the Maya Angelou of this generation and still she continues to rise!  

Best Group:  S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force)
Winner in the category of BEST GROUP goes to S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force).  S.P.F. are not only winners here on Southeast Hip Hop Magazine, but they are also winners in the entire Nerdcore Hip Hop genre.  Following in the foot steps of some of the greats such as Mega Ran, and many more, this talented team of lyrical titans are destined to carry the torch in geek culture influenced hip hop!  Check out their material at this direct link

Best Collaboration:  Metanoiz featuring Christon Gray "II Infinity"

Winner in the category for best collaboration goes to Metanoiz and Christon Gray's "II Infinity"!  Watch the amazing video and listen to the song at this direct link and you will certainly instantly see why this was chosen for the best collaboration of the month.  

Best Single:  Birdy "West Coast Thang"
Winner of the BEST SINGLE for April is Utah based hip hop recording artist Birdy for the single "West Coast Thang".  This single certainly bangs on both coasts.  The single is so hot that it eventually lead to him being signed to one of the most prestigious indie hip hop labels on the West Coast, STREET NOTES RECORDS!  Check out the single here at this direct link 

Best Mixtape / Compilation / Album:  Reime Schemes RHYMAGEDDON
The winner in the category of best Compilation / Album goes to Reime Schemes for his latest project RHYMAGEDDON.  Although the album will be officially available on May 19th, the album is ready for pre-order now and Southeast Hip Hop Magazine was one of the first to get a sneak peak of the album before anyone else, and we must say that this LP is one of his BEST, not just for the month of April but we guarantee that this will be the album of the year.  If you would like more information on pre-ordering the album e-mail us at  

Best Music Video:  Marcel P. Black "Cry Freedom"
Winner in the category of BEST MUSIC VIDEO for April 2017 goes to Marcel P. Black for "Cry Freedom"!  Check it out, this rising conscious emcee has a lot of deep lyrics laced within the song.  The visuals to the video are also powerful.  Watch the video at the direct link below

Best Non Music Video:  "Testify" Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady
Winner in the category of best NON music video goes to Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady for her "Testify" series.  On Testify, "Babs" gives it to the listeners straight, with real talk and wisdom!  Check out the Testify series on and be sure to catch Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady every Tuesday Night at 9:00 PM EST on Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio at

Best Producer:  Be Chap Beats
Producer BE CHAP BEATS is the winner for 3 months in a row for BEST PRODUCER / BEATMAKER!  When you listen to his tracks you will certainly know why!  Listen at

Best DJ:  DJ Overload (Leland "Shogun" White) 
DJ Overload is the winner in the category for BEST DJ.  DJ Overload wears many hats and down many things, he's the CEO of the prestigious indie hip hop label Street Notes Records, radio show host, actor, prominent businessman, father, husband, and more, but today we recognize him as a driving force as a member of the Blacktopia Digital Record Pool and DJ Coalition and one of the key record breakers of the hit blogtalk radio show ON THE RISE RADIO that airs on Wed. nights!  Salute to you DJ Overload!  Yes Yes!

Best Radio Personality:  Tina Wright 
Winner in the category of best Radio Personality goes to the star of the WBRPP Radio Network TINA WRIGHT!  Tina Wright is the host of The Rush Radio that airs on select Mondays at 5:00 PM EST and the popular Person 2 Person that airs on Tuesday Nights at 8:00 PM EST.  Tina Wright will also host the upcoming RUSH RADIO TRAFFIC MIXTAPE that is set to drop real soon!  Check out The Rush Radio at

Best Radio Show:  On The Rise Radio
The winner in the category of BEST RADIO SHOW goes to ON THE RISE RADIO hosted by Reime Schemes and Leland "Shogun" White AKA DJ Overload!  Tune in on Wed. and check out the crew cutting up while DJ Den cuts up on the wheels of steel.  Tune in for sure!   

Best Website:  Ghost Dog's Patreon Page
The winner in the category of best website goes to the Patreon Page of one of the stars of the North Carolina hip hop scene, GHOST DOG.  His patreon page provides a way for dedicated fans and listeners to receive exclusive content and material from the artist himself such as behind the scenes videos, exclusive songs dedicated to his core fans only, and other perks and benefits in exchange for small donations or support subscriptions.  Check it out here at this direct link and if / when you like what you see, sign up!    

Best Facebook Group:  Blacktopia (Black Utopian Society) 
The best Facebook group award goes to Blacktopia, Black Utopian Society.... it's more than just a facebook group, it's a movement!  Join the movement by clicking this direct link

Best Poet:  Veronica Thornton
Winner in the category of BEST POET goes to author/ writer/ poetess VERONICA THORNTON, especially for her marvelous anthology of poems titled THE UNIVERSAL COLLOQUIES INSIDE OF ME.  The book is available for purchase on AMAZON at this direct link, and the words in this book will certainly move your spirit and touch your soul.

Best Promotions:  The Upcoming Rush Radio Traffic Mixtape
The Rush Radio on the WBRPP Network will release a mixtape of artists who's music will be played during the premium time slot during The Rush Radio and will be exposed to the shows extensive listener base.  If you would like to have your music featured on The Rush Radio then e-mail for more information on that.  

Big Business Award:  Shalethia "Nickie" Brown for Circa 2009
The winner in the category of Big Business goes to Circa 2009.  Founded by Nickie Brown, the company and brand offers all natural, chemical free skin care, beauty, hygiene, and aroma therapy products among many other useful items.  See what they have available at these direct links and

 Certainly check out all the winners of this list!  Post your thoughts, tell us what you think.  If you would like to vote or nominate someone in the future then e-mail us at 

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