Friday, May 5, 2017

JESSICA DEWITT, Creator of the popular indie comic SINISTRE enjoys the work of P

Indie comic book creator Jessica DeWitt, the author and mastermind behind the book Sinistre may be known to many as a gifted storyteller, however when she's not using her "mutant powers" to shape powerful words to create amazing comic book stories she's using her abilities to form words into powerful lyrics as her super hero alter ego... the recording artist known as Rijess

Being a comic book creator as well as a rapper, her "geek" side also influences the type of music she makes, and there is even an entire genre dedicated to blending the influences of comic books, video games, sci-fi etc. with "rap music" known as NERDCORE. 

Jessica "Rijess" DeWitt, being a member of the prestigious Blacktopia: Black Utopian Society Movement ( recently encountered another "Blacktopian" who is also heavy in the "Nerdcore" scene who goes by the name of Philonius Phunk (Phil Royal) a budding beatmaker / producer who has a growing influence in the genre and the two of them hit it off quit nicely.  Rijess, is currently working on music with Philonius Phunk and this is what she had to say about the recent connection.....

"He is a great person. I enjoy working with him because he loves what he does. I think he has a bright future ahead of him." - Jessica DeWitt AKA Rijess

Indeed Indeed!  Listen to Philonius Phunk's compositions at these direct links and follow him on social media as well

(Philonius Phunk)


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