Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rising young PRODUCER gets compared to Dr. DRE!!

During a one on one conversation between prestigious indie music producer Cory Perry (also known as the author RORY BRESSLER writer of the book A STORY OF STRUGGLE available on amazon), and "Some Guy Named Jay" of Southeast Hip Hop Magazine, Cory Perry compared young up and coming producer / beatmaker Be Chap Beats to the legendary Dr. Dre!

"Be Chap has excellent, well produced beats!  I believe Be Chap Beats is the next DR. DRE!" - Cory Perry.

Coming from Cory Perry is a major compliment because of him being a prestigious veteran producer himself and he certainly has a great ear for great music, Cory Perry certainly knows what he's talking about!

Listen to BE CHAP BEATS for yourself at this direct link and let us know your thoughts.




Hip hop producer and Author Rory Bressler releases a book that chronicles his personal journey of cheating death and turning tragedy into triumph, "A Story of Struggle".   

Spiritual Awakening. After seeing the heaven's gates, my spiritual side of me, came from deep inside of me. Me and the Lord, came together and the fight that I've been battling, for 15 years, was finally over because I finally see the light. I knew the Word of God was true , and this is something I will never forget. I seen my self die, and come back to life. To me, it was very scary. I'd never been that scared in my whole life, and I've seen a lot happen, so I hope my story really reaches out to people who have struggled, in any type of way. All these 34 years of my life, dealing with the struggles I've been dealing with, my whole life. I've always asked my self, "Why do I have to deal with all this pain?" That's when I have to pray to the Lord, and ask Him, and He answers in His own way. Goals I have in the next five years; Goals I have, is to tell my story and reach out to 1.5 million people and change lives, see the change in peoples eyes. Become a better man, and be the best father in the world. To show the world, nothing can stop me from living, that only God can judge me. Pray to eat better and gain weight, keep going with my music. "Rory, has been doing music for 13 years, and I've had dreams of helping others, and never gave up, he wants to teach kids to never give up on there dreams, no matter what comes there way in life."

The Official Facebook Link for "A Story of Struggle"
Book is available on these sites
We are donating 20% of sales to children hospitals starting with Michigan and then the more the book goes it will expand to different states and countries.

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