Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Interview with Mz. Ariez (Fire Sign and Hiphoperist)

Southeast Hip Hop recently caught up with established model / rising self described "HipHoperist" for a quick in-depth interview to discuss her modeling career, her music, her future plans as a recording artist and more!  Read all about what she has to say here in this interview.  

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Why do you call yourself Mz. Ariez?  Is that your sign?
Mz. Ariez:  I call my self Mz Ariez because that is my Zodiac sign and its a fire sign and I bring that fire to everything I do.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What inspired you to want to rap?
Mz. Ariez:  I was inspired to rap mainly from the open mics I used to host.  I loved the energy on stage and meeting and working with different artist.  I've been writing music for a while and felt I could bring it to life better than some of the acts on stage.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Who are some of your influences as a rapper?
Mz. Ariez:   Some of my influences as a rapper are 1st my son he is also an artist and we would make music together and he would tell me all the time mom stop being scary and do them on stage (laughs), and as for female artist Trina and Khia I love how they tell it how it is and don't care what people think about it.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How would you describe your style as a rapper?
Mz. Ariez:  My style of rap is sexy hip hop and I don't say rapper because I'm more than just a rapper im an entertainer. I do music, model, and I'm an actress so I consider myself a hiphoperist.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine: Now, you've been modeling longer than you've been rapping.  How long have you been modeling?
Mz. Ariez:  I have been modeling for about 9 yrs on and off. It was a hobby at first until I started landing big gigs with big companies then it became a job for me that I loved doing on a regular.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What inspired you to first want to get into the modeling business?
Mz. Ariez:  My inspiration to modeling was Tyra Banks.  I loved that she was awkward and different.  She let people know that black is beautiful and you don't have to be a size 0 to make an impression or a difference in the world.  Plus I love taking pictures and being the spotlight.  I am truly fascinated by mirrors.  So to me the camera is my mirror.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  You've accomplished a lot in your modeling career, could you tell the listeners some of the highlights of your modeling career?
Mz. Ariez:  Highlights of my modeling and acting career are Vh1 show House of Fashion, MTV Rip the Runway Show, Fox 35 news Good day Morning Show, Round table Social media guest on the View with Sharon Osbourne, being the leading lady in various music videos, Commercials for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Was it an easy transition from modeling to rapping?
Mz. Ariez:  The transitioning from modeling to music was not that hard for others to except since I was already hosting open mics and I was already around artists and music all the time.  It was more harder on me then anything because in modeling you just have to smile and be pretty and you don't have to speak (laughs).  When I started doing music I had to get through my scary stage at first wasn't sure if people would like my music.  Been getting nothing but love since switching over.  Now I love it more than modeling, because my words mean something to people.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Could you tell the listeners about your current single?  Who did you work with on it and what's it about, for those that haven't heard it yet?
Mz. Ariez:  My current single is D.F.W.Y.H (Dont fuck with you hoes).  Its about my struggles getting to where I am today.  People don't take your time or your grind into consideration.  So It's telling people to respect peoples time, hustle and they grind.  I'm in it to win for my family at the end of the day and don't have time for games my only focus is my hustle and my grind.  I write my own music.  My beat was made by Tone and recorded at his studio in Winter Garden FL.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What plans do you have for the rest of 2016?
Mz. Ariez:  My plans for the rest of 2016 is to keep grinding, keep improving on a daily basis, collaborations, drop some music videos, and to continue to network my butt off.  My EP and mixtape will be released this Summer.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?
Mz. Ariez:   You can check out my other songs on, Follow me on twitter and IG @prettyprin6811, Snapchat & youtube is Mz Ariez, For booking & Features contact S/O to my kids Rasta, Lil Trap and Journi baby also got the family in the studio working hard music coming soon for the Youngings, and S/O to Young 4, Big shot, Dow dawg on collabs dropping soon!

Photography by L.J Underwood with L.J Photography and Steve Reed with Knock-Out Ent

Check out the new single from Mz. Ariez "D.F.W.Y.H." here on Soundcloud at 

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