Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Code Names" by Rock Ransom & Young Dro

"Code Names", the hot new track from South Carolina rapper Rock Ransom featuring Young Dro is garnering major attention from radio stations nationwide. From witty wordplay to multi-syllable flows this charismatic artist has what it takes to rock the mic! Rock has been pursuing music for about 10 years learning the business side of it and perfecting his craft  Some of Rocks influences include Jay-Z, Biggie, UGK and Nas to name a few.
When fans listen to his music he wants them to walk away feeling excited, refreshed and rejuvenated. Rock has a magnetic appeal, his style is timely and progressive with unforgettable hooks and radio-ready beats. His music is hypnotic to the ears to say the least. Rock feels the biggest problem in the industry these days is too many artists are afraid to be themselves. They feel the need to copy mainstream artists. He feels each artist needs to be unique and create their own lane. When asked what he would be doing if he was not in the music industry, Rock said most likely motivational speaking and or helping the youth. Rock will be dropping his mixtape Ransom Note and the video for Code Names in August as fans are anxiously awaiting the releases.


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