Monday, June 23, 2014

Listen to Rhyme Scheme's recent Interview on SoundzTaight Radio

Did you catch the interview with Rhyme Scheme on SoundzTaight from June 20th?  If not, catch a clip here:

His vast experience and humility was clear throughout the interview.  He stated, "I give people my soul when I create”.  He creates from his experiences starting in street life, as a revolutionary, as a world traveller and having fought to get his education.  The name Rhyme Scheme comes from his poetic ability as he started out writing poems and then he started free styling.  He started incorporating that experience into his rhymes.  And it stuck from there.

When asked what type of rapper he was, he replied “I believe my style tells the story, uses metaphors, makes it rhyme, makes it a musical".

He indicated that artists should know that it is not easy…they should not expect it to be.  He felt that artists need to earn their place, they need to invest in themselves and stay true to who they are.  He has come up with his rhymes.  He is here to stay and he is about to take it to a new level!

The SoundzTaight crew all agreed “Stay on your movement, you gained an extra fan tonight…it is super solid to have you on and keep moving, we are going to support you in every move you make”.

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