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The Best of March 2014

The Votes are in and the viewers have decided...... 

South East Hip Hop Magazine's 

BEST OF MARCH 2014 List!

Best Artist (Male) of The Month:  Rhyme Scheme

The best (male) artist of March 2014 goes to Rhyme Scheme!  Check out his most recent release All Black here at this link

Best Artist (Female) of The Month:  Brittney J.
Best female artist of the month of March goes to R&B singer Brittney J.  Brittney J recently set the internet on fire, supplying bloggers and live stream DJs with her two singles "All My Love" featuring Jibbs and the drink anthem of the year "Dark or Light"!  Listen to "Dark or Light" here at this link

Best Single of The Month:  Mono Bagends "Get Sexy For Me"

Rising New York Hip Hop recording artist Mono Bagends' single "Get Sexy For Me" wins for "Best Single of the Month of March".  Get more updates on Mono Bagends here at 

Best DJ of The Month:  DJ Lady Drama

Lady Drama the host of Chronicle Radio makes our list as the best DJ of March 2014!  Check out Ms. Lady Drama and her radio show here at this link

Best Producer of The Month:  D-Sharp
D-Sharp Wilson
The Best producer of the month of March 2014 goes to D-Sharp, the producer behind Mono Bagends' hot single "Get Sexy For Me"!  Get more updates and information on Mono Bagends at 

Best Music Video Of The Month:  Some Kosher Yuppy "GMATT"

The best music video for March of 2014 goes to South Coast Records' artist Some Kosher Yuppy and director "Ghost" for the video "GMATT".  See the music video here by clicking this link

Big Business Award:  Hearsay Records

The Big Business Award for March 2014 goes to Hearsay Records!  Hearsay Records has brought the world talented artists such as Mr. Boom Boom Bang and  Best Female artist of March 2013, Brittney J.

Best Collaboration:  Brittney J. & Jibbs "All My Love"

The best collaboration goes to R&B singer Brittney J. and rapper Jibbs for "All My Love"!  You remember Jibbs from the 2006 hit single "Chain Hang Low", well he came back and came hard on the Brittney J. collab.  Listen to it for yourself at the link below.

Best Promotions:  The Giant Blast

Best promotional service of the month of March 2014 goes to The Giant Blast.  The Giant Blast hosts one of the largest e-mail blasts on the web as well as having one of the largest blog networks as well!  Artists if you need extra promotion definitely hit up The Giant Blast.  Check out this link for more information on that.

Best Radio Show:  Vibes Live

The Best Radio show for March 2014 goes to Vibes Live!  Vibes Live isn't just a "show" but a 24 hour live stream with lots of different segments featured on the Live Stream.  Check it out here at this direct link

Best Blog / Website of The Month:  Robinlynne's Productions

The best Blog / website for March 2014 goes to Robinlynne's Productions Ning Network site.  The site has lots of different features, a chat room, hosts Vibes Live's live stream and spreaker network, entertainment news, blogs and more!  The site is in the process of changing servers but in the meantime check it out here at this link

Best Youtube of The Month:  2 Good 4 Radio

The Best Youtube goes to 2 Good 4 Radio.  Not for having awesome visuals, but for posting some of the most interesting, fun and entertaining podcasts on the web!  Listen to some of the podcasts, rants and interviews here at

Model of the Month:  Nika Williams

Comedienne and Runway Model, Nika Williams (yes she's BOTH a stand up comic and model) and she's very funny and just as equally beautiful.  Check out her interview on 2 Good 4 Radio here

Comedian/Comedienne of The Month:  Robinlynne
Robinlynne Mabin (Cast Member / Writer / Producer)
Robinlynne wears multiple hats, not only is she the PD, on air DJ and host of various segments of Vibes Live Radio, but she's also a comedienne.  As the eccentric host asks unconventional questions to her guests and often blurts zany comments between spinning music, her comedic persona often bleeds through!  You will hear a lot more comedy from Robinlynne throughout 2014 as she lends her talents and voice for the forthcoming audio sketch comedy show "Yesterday Night Taped", she's also preparing to take her show on the road!  Getting herself back out to the public, and performing at various venues across the nation all while running Vibes Live 24 hour live stream!  Watch out 2014!  Tune in to hear Vibes Live at

Album/ Mixtape of the Month:  An-One & Stupid Genius Mr. Prezident 

Best album goes to An-One's Mr. Prezident, entirely produced by Stupid Genius.  The album was released on South Coast Records, and you can purchase the album on iTunes here at this link

Best Mobile App:  The Vibes Live Mobile App.
The best Mobile App. for March 2014 goes to the Vibes Live Mobile App.  now fans and listeners can stream special segments, and get updates and news on Vibes Live and other shows produced by Robinlynne all on their mobile devices!  You can install and download the device FREE here at the Google play store at this direct link

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Who should have made it?

Who would you nominate and vote for?

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